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Contracts, mergers, corporate law

We provide comprehensive legal guidance on bidding procedures, public-private contracts and partnerships, misconduct in courts and administration, anti-corruption and compliance laws, investigation and disciplinary procedures, legislative procedures and issues related to public goods and services.


Disputes, obligations, damages and property

We provide comprehensive consultancy to clients, assisting in the execution of all procedures inherent to commercial activities, from the organization of new businesses to the relationship with suppliers and customers. We provide corporate governance, risk management and compliance, as well as banks, contracts, stocks, real estate, companies, capital markets, contractual and non-contractual obligations, credit recovery, industrial property rights, succession planning, corporate recovery and bankruptcy. We perform well in all courts in the country, using mediation and mediation techniques whenever possible, to resolve disputes quickly and satisfactorily and to adopt other methods of conflict resolution.


Taxes, fees and contributions

We carry out the preparation, review and analysis of commercial, bilateral or accession contracts, internal regulations and operational manuals.

We advise our clients in the representation and defense before all consumer protection and defense bodies and entities, acting in administrative processes, to avoid or avoid the application of consumerist penalties and infractions, as well as to prevent our clients from being among the leaders of complaint.

We also emphasize our work with the regulatory bodies and the Public Prosecutor's Office in actions that deal with collective consumer relations and, also, individual lawsuits that are before the Common Justice and Special Civil Courts, entering into agreements and adopting preventive strategies with the objective of reducing contingencies.


Family law legislation varies from country to country, taking into account the influence of cultural and social aspects in each country.

  • Divorce;

  • Parental responsibility;

  • Maintenance obligations;

  • Patrimonial effects of marriage and stable union.

Union, dissolution, inventory and disputes.

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